April 26, 2015



The Rienzi Market is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, on Rienzi Extension Drive (behind the Civic Center) at the Saint Francis Vegetable Garden and at the Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center’s south side parking lot. 

Both markets are from 3:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. — Mondays at the St. Francis Vegetable Garden and Thursdays at the Wellness Center. There is no fee for producers participating in the market and placement of booths is determined by a hat draw upon arrival.

This market is a place where parents can stop in after carpool or residents can come by after work and buy their weekly groceries directly from local producers and farmers.

The Rienzi Market is organized by The Saint Francis Vegetable Garden, a nonprofit corporation. The garden has three missions:

  1. Grow a community vegetable garden and donate the harvest to the food banks in Thibodaux and Lafourche Parish.
  2. Provide teachers and parents a living outdoor classroom where they can present integrated lessons on health, biology, math and science.
  3. Support local growers by educating the community on the importance of fresh local food for our health and the region’s economy.

The Rienzi Market is the fulfillment of our third mission.

NOTE: All food grown at the St. Francis Vegetable Garden is donated. The garden serves as a site only. No produce grown in the garden is sold. 

See you at the market!

St. Francis Vegetable Garden Board Member and Rienzi Market Coordinator

Market Guidelines

  1. Definition of Vendor: “Vendor” is defined as the producer of the goods sold and includes the spouse, siblings, children, parents, and employees of the vendor who assist in the cultivation of the product. All products sold must be grown or produced within the State of Louisiana. All products sold must be grown or produced by the vendors unless otherwise approved by the Market Coordinator as stipulated in the resale rule below. This is a no craft market.
  2. Resale: Resale must be approved by the Market Coordinator and can only be for those items produced within the State of Louisiana and NOT currently being grown and sold by other growers already participating in the market. All questions concerning resale are to be directed to the Market Coordinator. Resale will not be allowed under any circumstances for vegetable and fruit producers. An example of a resale exemption could be a local butcher that does not raise the cattle but otherwise cuts, seasons, and prepares the meat for sale. If there is not another producer at the market that raises the animal it processes to sell, an exemption would likely be approved. Another example might be cane syrup, made by a producer who doesn’t grow the cane but produces this product.
  3. Tax and Licensing: Taxing and licensing is as determined by the State of Louisiana. Rienzi Market is not responsible for any taxation or licensing requirements. The vendor is responsible for meeting Louisiana law and providing Rienzi Market with the appropriate licenses, tax IDs, etc. Any questions should be directed to the Market Coordinator.
  4. Permitted items for sale: Items allowed for sale may include fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, plants, herbs, flowers (plants and cut), honey, and wine (not to be consumed on site),frozen fruits and vegetables grown and prepared by the vendor. Grains or rice that are grown by the vendor are also permitted. Fresh or frozen fish and seafood are permitted, provided the product is captive-raised or wild harvested by the vendor. Fresh or frozen meat products, poultry and other animal products, including dairy, cheese, and eggs, are also permitted for sale, provided the products are produced by the vendor. In order for the Market to ensure an appropriate product mix, vendors are permitted to sell only the items that are listed on their vendor application. Vendors who want to introduce new products must contact the Market Coordinator to make an amendment to their vendor application. Jams, jellies, relishes, pickles, dehydrated powders or any other prepared food containing fruits or vegetables are allowed as long as the featured ingredients in the product are grown by the vendor. For example, if you are selling blackberry jam you must grow the blackberries. Artesian breads, desserts, and prepared foods will be decided on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Market Coordinator. Appeals may be made to the board of directors of the St. Francis Vegetable Garden.
  5. Pricing, Weights, and Measures: Each vendor will operate as an individual entity and, as such, each vendor is responsible for setting his/her own prices. However, intentional undercutting and price wars are not allowed. Weights and measures are expected to be in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal rules and regulations. If using a scale, it must be approved by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and have current inspection stickers. Rienzi Market will have one certified scale available to anyone that needs it at the market. (Most growers have their own scale). Produce may be sold based on unit/container/bunch at the producer’s discretion.
  6. Health Regulations: All vendors participating in the Rienzi Market must comply with the sanitary rules and regulations of the Parish and State Health Departments. All produce must be fresh (not last week’s produce on sale today) and elevated off the ground by at least 6 inches. Farmers must follow state and federal pesticide control laws.
  7. Vendor Fee: There is no vendor fee.
  8. Hold harmless clause and insurance: Each vendor is responsible for carrying his/her own product liability insurance if desired. All vendors agree to hold harmless the Rienzi Market, St. Francis Vegetable Garden Inc., and the City of Thibodaux for any loss, cost of damages or other expenses incurred.
  9. Vendor/Customer, Vendor/Vendor Conflict: Any conflict, or potential conflict, which may arise between vendors, or between vendors and customers, must be brought to the attention of the Market Coordinator for resolution. Should further action need to be taken, the Board of Directors will address the issue for final resolution.
  10. Non-profit Organizations: The Board invites non-profit organizations with missions related to farming, gardening, conservation, education, youth, and/or nutrition to participate in the Market. Applications must be made in advance and approved by the Market Coordinator. (For example, a table set up by LSU Ag or Master Gardeners for informational purposes.)
  11. Vendor Responsibility: Products must be of sufficient quality. No items can be stored directly on the ground. Vendors will supply any tarps, tents, tables, generators, or other items as needed. It is permissible to sell directly from a truck. Vendors are encouraged to display a sign with their farm/farmer/vendor name. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean and free of food debris, pooling water, trash, etc. We ask that vendors commit to at least 6 of the 8 selling weeks.
  12. Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP): Only vendors approved by the State of Louisiana as participants in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program can accept FMNP coupons. Approved vendors must clearly display their FMNP sign. FMNP coupons can only be redeemed for fresh produce and CANNOT be accepted for value-added or other products. The Rienzi Market is an approved FMNP market. For more information call 985-345-9483 and speak to Rebecca Riecki.
  13. Rienzi Farmers Market as a Vendor: The Rienzi Market reserves the right to sell items for benefit of the Market. (such as t-shirts or grocery bags)
  14. Sole Discretion: The Board of Directors of the St. Francis Vegetable Garden reserves the right to make any and all decisions in the best interest of the market. The Board or Market Coordinator has the right to refuse any vendor. Vendors have the right to appeal to the Board. The Board of Directors is comprised of Chris Ledet, Kimber Ratcliff, and Nancy Bernard. 218 Rienzi Dr. Thibodaux, LA 70301 stfrancisvegetablegarden@gmail.com.