April 29, 2018

Farm Boxes

Rienzi Market is now offering Local Farm Boxes — a pre-paid subscription of weekly boxes filled with the best all local and in-season foods.

The boxes, available for pickup at the St. Francis Vegetable Garden market during market hours, will vary week to week and will contain $30 worth of goods. The box will not only include items from the vendors who regularly sell at the market but will also have added items from other local producers

This subscription-based model is called community-supported agriculture, or CSA, and will give our producers the freedom to be able to grow a greater quantity and more variety without having to worry about produce going unsold…and subscribers receive a fresh, seasonal variety of local foods without any hassle.

Depending on what’s in season, boxes might be full of veggies and fruits or, in the offseason, we’ll supplement with items like honey, eggs, or protein.

Just local foods. Less Chemicals + More Nutrients =

Join Rienzi Market Farm Boxes
If you’re interested in joining our farm box program let us know!